Thanks Jamie

Now I Want a Welder

The high shelves lining the walls of Jamie's workshop hold storage bins with build materials for every possible occasion, but the shelves themselves are fascinating as well. Jamie talks about how he designed and built these shelves himself--not with woodwork, but with welding.

SemVer via Phil Haack

SemVer (Semantic Versioning Specification) is a specification for defining software versioning created by Tom Preston-Werner. In my experience there are three "hard parts" to software development:

  1. Defining requirements
  2. Naming
  3. Versioning scheme

It's always interesting to see how many different and convoluted ways development teams can come up with when it comes to applying a version number to their software. Some places like to use dates, other's base it off of milestones. Most of the time a team will define what rules they want to apply to their versioning but as time goes on they end up bending or breaking their own rules to make the numbers make sense for some edge case release problem. What SemVer does is formulate the process and define a standard way of defining what version number releases get and when.

SemVer is pretty neat and I'll be sure to keep it in mind in my dev projects.

Hello World

Test Page?

Well, kinda. Sure this is a page to make sure everything with the site is wired up correctly and all of the hamsters are on their wheels. It's also an introduction page too I suppose. See, I've tried this blogging thing before and have never had much success with it.

I think the biggest hurdle I've tried to overcome unsuccessfully is trying to define what my blog should be about. Is this a developer blog? Well maybe. I do developer software for a living but I'm not only interested in development. Ok, how about a photo blog? Same problem. I love taking pictures but I don't want to put myself in a photography only box.

So what's different this time? Why bother? Well, I'm not going to put this blog in a box. Or even this site for that matter. I'm going to write about and publish the things that I'm interested in day to day. Development stuff, photography stuff, or even struggles with blogging, are all on the table.

Enjoy, I plan to anyway.